The Diary

Friday, 25th May 2007 | Munich, Germany | GMT+1
So, I met Prus, Hugi and Chris at the Airport and we checked in and got on the plane that would take us to CHICAGO!. During the flight, Hugi tried to get some beauty rest, and and Prus kept screwing around with him.

The stupid butter in the dinner was liquid and when I opened it, it splashed all over my shirt - so I looked even stupider. We landed in Chicago, and decided to use the local transportation. After one stop, the train stopped and we had to get off because of technical failures.
So we waited on the tracks, and finally another train came. :D
After checking into our 4,5 Star Hotel we changed and went out to Qualitino's Pizza house and had some real chicago pizza ;)

Hugi had to buy Chris a plastic bag for the security

Chris had to stop by and visit Beate Uhse

real Chicago Pizza