The Diary

Saturday Night, 26th May 2007 | Chicago, Illinois | GMT-6
So here was our first real party night in Chicago! We sat around for 3 hours and got drunk in the hotel room, chatting the night away, and then we took a cab to Rush Street where all the happening bars were. First we went into Paddy McFaddins or something.. (an irish place..) .. where Hugi ran up to the main platform and started dancing.. we followed suit, and we reigned the dance floor!

After that we started barhopping - going to Bar, and then a few other places which none of us really remember, since we were really drunk - we kept drinking and drinking and drinking...

Then Hugi started passing out, so I took him home, where he started throwing chips all over me and my bed and my luggage - what a drunk! :D And that was our nite!!! :D

Look at the Hot Ladies in Chicago!!

Prus und Hugi getting to closer... ???

Chris bringing MORE beer and we aren't finished with the last bottle!

Cool Austrian Guys...