The Diary

Saturday, 26th May 2007 | Chicago, Illinois | GMT-6
We woke up and starting wandering around the city. First we had Subway for brunch, and then Hugi bought some Starbucks Coffee, and then with my help spilled it all over the road. :D Then we went to the Sear's Tower, and it had 0% Visibility, so we decided not to go up (maybe tomorrow!). Then we wandered around town somemore, and found this huge sculpture made of a shiny material that reflected like a mirror - this entertained us. :D Then we wandered further and made it to the Navy Pier where we had a beer in the Beer Garden there. Then we took the trolly back to the Magnificent Mile where when we got out, we saw these shirtless guys who were advertising the Simple Life TV Show. Then we wandered around somemore and then finally made it back to the hotel. The boys are all sleeping right now - and soon they will wake and we will go eat and then drink the night away!
Hugi can't hold his coffee!

in front of the Sear's Tower (okay okay, you can't really tell)

Chicago Navy Boys

Crazy Mirror Sculpture