The Diary

Thursday, 31st May 2007 | Page, Az | GMT-8
So we loved Page SOOO much, we decided to stay another night here! (okay, we were to lazy to look for another hotel somewhere else, so we stayed another night....) ;)
So.. we awoke and a had a wonderful free continental breakfast, and then headed to Lake Powell where we rented a 19 foot speed boat and cruised for 2 hours around the lake. We jetted to Antelope Canyon and went swimming, and cliff jumping, etc. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, so Kiki could call home, and we ate Jack-In-The-Box for lunch.
We then changed and headed to the dry version of Antelope Canyon which is this really tiny canyon you have to practically crawl through, and has awesome sun light pouring into it. The bad thing was that the we all had really bad gas problems, which was not good being in these tight caverns for 30 mins ;)

Captain Fiel in control of the ship

crazy austrian cliff jumpers

Crawling deep, deep, deep down into ...

3 Stooges in the Sun