The Diary

Saturday, 2nd June 2007 | Moab, UT | GMT-7
Today we got up early and went hiking around Arches National Park! Man was that beautiful! And it was very hot and long hikes! :D Then we went to this really cool activity park where we played Lasertag, Go-Carts, Waterbumperboats and Put-Put Golf! I of course was the champion in Put-Put Golf, with Hugi losing by ca. 30 swings! That night, we all got really drunk and headed to a local trashy bar - Rio - which had Karokee night, and then we sang, danced and drank! Utah sucks! They have the stupidest laws! Bars can't sell alcohol over 3.2 percent if they dont serve food?!?!?! wierd :D And then at 1am everything was closed :( Anywoo. Have fun looking at the pics :D
Arches National Park

Delicate Arch - 2 hour Hike!!

Hugi losing at Water Bumper Boats

Moab sucht den Superstar!!