The Diary

Wednesday, 6th June 2007 | Las Vegas, NV | GMT-8
After sleeping at Hooters Hotel and Casino, we awoke and had a very stressful day - we went to the post office and mailed 4 packages with our crap back to the US - which one of the packages was too big, so we cut it down by 3 inches and then it was good - we then rushed to some store and got alcohol - we then rushed to IHOP so Christian could have his choice of lunch (FINALLY) - (I have to admit that it was a very good american breakfast with blueberry pancakes!) - we then met my german Surfing Buddy - Danny at the Frey Electronic store where he was buying a laptop - and we then took him to the MGM where Prus and Chris checked in and Hugi and I went to the car Rental place ready to kill them because we thought they were gonna charge us alot of money - they didn't though!! so we took a cab back to MGM - OUR HOTEL - and went to sleep for 2 hours. We then woke woke and realized what a wonderful hotel we were staying in. MGM had its concert arena (for 17.000 people), and 2 starbucks, 1 mcdonalds.. etc etc ALL under one roof. How odd! .. Hugi , Prus and I then went and watched KA - Cirque du Soliel .. man was that a good show! we then met Chris in the room and drank drank drank! til we passed out!
Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Prus - N - Corey Drunk !..

On top of the Stratosphere - crazy idiots on the ride!

Gambling all their money away!