The Diary

Friday, 8th June 2007 | Las Vegas, NV | GMT-8
Our last full day in the USA! We decided to get up early (at lunch) and go to the Pool. It was awesome - very huge and had a cool, long pool river through it. We all layed down on one side, and occasionally went in. :D it was nice.. real vacation. Hugi even bought me a 10 dollar cocktaiL! buah! Everyone there was riding thru the pool drunk off their asses and friendly.. Talk about the hot babes!! i was sooooooo ... excited ;) Chris and Prus went shopping and walked around the city - Hugi slept the evening - and I went to a Cyndi Lauper Concert - True Colors - which was in the hotel! Was awesome - when I got back to the room, I saw that our flight was delayed causing our next flights to be missed. Uh-OH!
Austrian Lazy Bums

Beached Whale

Chillin Homies

Venice in a Hotel !?