The Diary

Saturday, 9th June 2007 | Los Angeles, CA | GMT-8
Okay.. what a HORRIBLY LONG trip home. Our flight to Chicago was delayed because of Tornados the day before there. This would cause us to miss the rest of our flights home. I decided to call United and ask for another solution. The only thing possible was to fly first 5 hours earlier to Los Angeles and then to Chicago from there. I booked those tickets, and at 4:30 I woke the boys up, we checked out, and headed to the Las Vegas Airport. We checked in, and no one knew of any booking thru Los Angeles. So after 1 hour of the stupid travel agent doing something, they got us on flights to Los Angeles. We BARELY then caught our flights to Chicago. IN Chicago, we got on our plane and sat down, and then a Stewardess came and asked us to the leave the plane. Apparently the stupid B**tch in Las Vegas cancelled our flights from Chicago home! ? ?! ?! . I then beotched some and they FiNALLY let us on the plane to home. WE Then got to Heathrow and it was a horrible airport, and then finally found our gate and made it on the plane. We were just waiting for something to go wrong. We arrived in Munich - and not only was our luggage there - but all three of the boys' girlfriends were there waiting with awesome signs... even one for me!
So that's our trip! We hope you liked it - we loved it! See ya next year! ;)

Los Angeles Airport

One should never fall asleep in an airplane

What did we tell you !

A Wonderful Welcome Home!